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Miles Davis, Yes, White Stripes, Dave Matthews, Public Image Limited, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Marcus Miller, David Sanborn, Luthor Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole, Al Jarreau, Dr. John, Joe Sample, Chaka Khan, Billy Idol, Roy Orbison, Roberta Flack, C&C Music Factory, Rakim, Lost Boyz, Canibus, DJ Doo Wop, Duran Duran, Grace Jones, Klaus Nomi, Bernadette Peters, Buster Poindexter, Jeveeta Steele, Lisa Lisa, Patrick Bruel, Barry Manilow, Peter Paul and Mary, Dreams Come True, X, Kubota, T Square, Rinken Band, Swag Geeks / Brook Penning, etc



MARCUS MILLER (Producer/Artist - Miles Davis, Luther Vandross, Natalie Cole, Roberta Flack, etc):"The best thing (that I look for in an engineer) is if they’re on the same page as you, going in the same direction anyway. It helps if they’re musical because then you don’t have to explain everything ...with good engineers, you don’t have to worry...Bruce Miller is very good that way."

OZZIE MELENDEZ (MarcAnthony, Willie Colon, Diana Ross...):"Bruce Miller is among the very best in the biz. That’s why I call him Bruce Almighty!!!"

TAKA TSUKUMA (Producer - Kubota, X, Toku Baba, etc):"I have been working with Mr. Bruce Miller since 1988. We have had many recording sessions together all over the world, in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and even in Okinawa. From the most sophisticated New York Jazz to Indonesian ethnic mixtured pop music, our musical journey has been extremely diverse and Mr. Miller has never had any difficulties.

In any circumstance, Mr. Miller has always been able to capture the best moment of the music we have produced together. One secret that makes Mr. Miller manage the session so perfectly is his ability to comfort musicians no matter what nationality they are or no matter what language they speak. Somehow, Mr. Miller always makes all the musicians feel so comfortable both personally and musically that musicians can REALLY PLAY.

I have enjoyed every second I spent with Mr. Miller. And I'm sure you will too."

PETER YARROW (Producer/Artist - Peter, Paul and Mary):"Bruce Miller is an extraordinarily gifted engineer producer who knows how to craft acoustic music so that it retains its spirit and integrity but is presented with exquisite sonic creativity that makes it both contemporary and faithful to its roots. Working with Bruce has been a thrill and the music we have recorded, a joy to create."


MAC GOLLEHON (Artist / Producer):"My experience working with Bruce was a pleasure. My project presented several challenges. Several songs were recorded with very inspired and awesome live performances that could best be described as rough mixes. I couldn’t get access to the tracks and the strength of the performance merited additional overdubs in another studio a year later. I also recorded additional material that had fewer live instruments producing a different sound altogether. I also wanted an analog sound as much as possible. This combination of challenging and problematic mix transfer and the new recording tracks with very different characteristics needed to come together to sound like the same record. The work he did on the edits mix and mastering proved him to be a peerless technician. The mix and mastering had to be as distinctive as the performance itself. The balance of the album had consistent transparency, warmth and presence. I look forward to work with Bruce again soon."

LUVCHILD (Artist / Producer):"Bruce Miller came into my life like an angel of the mix boards after years of seeking my perfect engineer match. Engineering is the unsung art of music making, one of the most reliable roles in the biz for a career full of music. Thus, I think it is not easy to find engineers who feel genuinely passionate about sound and collaboration, and those with the credentials and chops are always booked for years. Bruce is picky about what he works on, so it’s a high compliment when he accepts you as a client. I couldn’t be more thankful he dug my sound, because I found the most efficient and uplifting mixing process in the most personally difficult release. Hearing what Bruce did with my most recent stuff has me working at different levels on my new material. Thank you Bruce!"

THE MESMERS (Artists - on hearing an uncompleted mix):"I a-b comparison with some of our (ahem) "mixes" yours has amazingly more life to it. Our sound somehow "flat" or two-dimensional in comparison -- I'm not sure why. It's hard thing to pin down exactly, but very easy to hear. I guess it illustrates why it was wise for us not to try and do the mixing ourselves."
"The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it." -Teddy Roosevelt

WILL STEVENS (Artist / Producer):"Wow, I really like it when I hear creative change ups, THANKS!!  I like the direction its going, No need to go more street...I like it, the low octaves sound great, this is definitely done. Nice job man, I really like it. Can't wait to hear the rest of the songs.....Thanks."

TALON RENAUD (Artist):"I love it ! after listening to your new mix over and over  i really think it's done. You really manage to change the mix exactly how i wanted it and even better than that. I don't know anything else to say but : thank you. I really appreciated your help and the time you offer to "starving artists" like me ;-) .. It sounds soooooo good …THANKS !!!"

RACHEL RUBIN / TODD AMODEO (Artist & Engineer - mastered):"I love the masters. They sound warm and full and round. I'm very happy with them.The music has now a professional sound - it is a lot more balanced and smoother than my original mix-it doesn't have anymore the disturbing surprises.  Thank You for your amazing work!!"

DAVID REED (Artist):"I don't know what else to say but Wow!  I burned off all the mp3's at once and listened to them in the car 1st. (the ultimate test).  When I was through I stepped out of the car and felt as though I had a religeous experience.  All the songs sound incredible.  I love the direction you took Sugarcane (You just had to go and make a better version of it didn't you? :)  I also love the movements you put into Song 7/8 (Pink Guitars).  Such good intensity and dynamics.

'Bruce Miller is one of those rare engineers today that practices the dark art of realism in his mixes.  He not only brings a wealth of knowledge into the intricacies of preserving the excitement and dynamics of an album, but also a personal style that one simply has to be gifted with.  What he provides not only stirs something deep inside, but exhibits a timeless quality reminiscent of the albums we all grew up listening to.  Other engineer's of late are providing mixes with all the warmth and depth of a fast-food commercial.  Their attempt may repeat for a millisecond in your head, but in the end just leaves you hungry.'"

CINDY MACK (Artist - mixed and mastered):"I was admittedly skeptical about the original idea of mixing and mastering my CD with thousands of dollars of personal and private investor’s money at stake without being right there in the studio. However, my worries were soon put to rest as my expectations as to the quality and efficiency were not only met, but also exceeded by the talents of Mr. Miller.

Exceptional detail and personal care was given to my project and my every concern was attended to with professionalism and expedience. My ideas were accepted graciously and never did he make me feel like I was any less important than any of the nationally recognized artists he works with. The finished product is a compilation of engineering mastery that could only come from many years of experience by a man who is, without a doubt, the best at what he does in the industry and I have had twenty years of experience behind me to substantiate my claim.

It is rare to still be able to find an engineer that even knows what true tone is. The man is a tone connoisseur and in this day and age of digital instrumentation, he still knows what a real guitar and piano is supposed to sound like. Bruce has taken the primary qualifications of a world-class engineer: a good ear, vast experience of years at top-rated studios and a technical expertise that is amazing, and has offered this to those of us who could only dream about achieving this kind of professionalism, at a price that is fair.

I can say that my CD is mixed and mastered impeccably, and that I would refer Bruce Miller without hesitation, to anyone who is looking for a finished product that is polished, honed to perfection and is the perfect balance between artist and engineer."

BILL LIPNER (Artist - mastered via mail):"Bruce was very good at establishing a 'dialog' about my music - using words that expressed feelings and ideas rather than technique and methods. Bruce gave my project a breadth and clarity that I couldn't achive. He expanded on my ideas in a way that improved them and made them more powerful."

MELD TO BELAY (Artist - mixed / mastered via mail): "I LOVE the MIX. I was listening to the cd and was just shocked at what you did. YOU MADE IT SOUND SO GOOD. I was playing it for a couple of friends of mine and played the other version that the guy who recorded us had made and just showing such the stark contrasts between the two cds. The guitars on ASHES sound incredible, I was so shocked at how great you made the guitars sound. That song was just done perfect. And sun arises, that little delay thing you added on the guitar made is sound so rich and full and I love how the bass notes really have the perfect amount of emphasis and I love how you faded the two parts of picking and strumming, it was a great fade. The vocal mix on store the sun just sounded so great and I thought our vocals sounded so well together and I love the tones you were able to get for the guitars in HEROES, they just sounded "right" and full. And coming home, I just love that song, and it sounded so good and the mixes were great and distinct so you can hear either jenny's voice or mine and hear our vocals and lyrics clearly, but you have to choose which one you are going to listen to and the intensity is completely captures, it sounds great. Bruce, I really couldn't be more pleased with the word you did on the cd, you far exceeded my expectations, and I don't know if or when I’ll ever record again, but I would love to have you do the work on it …I am definitely going to tell my friends who play music about you. Thank you so much."

KEN COLE (Producer - mixed / mastered via mail):"It sounds great!! I spent the weekend getting everyone's opinion and they love it!! You definately brought the strength out of the track, the 808 was perfect that's exactly how I wanted it to sound!! Great Job!!

I must say Bruce, I was a little nervous when we first sent the song to you. With you being so far away I didn't know what to expect, but thank you for making me feel like I made one of the best decisions in my life!! I appreciate your professionalism and your dedication to making my music sound the best it can. I feel very comfortable knowing that whatever I create from this point on will come out sounding great thanks to your expertise."

BURAK BABACAN (Artist - mixed / mastered via mail):"First of all, thanks for the great mix! We are grateful for the quality of the mix within such a low budget, which is far from compensating your effort. We listened over and over the mix and we have to say that it is truly amazing that you formed this organic relation with the compositions and created substance and grace. Especially in "chains" I am impressed with the panning ideas, which are nothing less than a work of art. And also, we would like to continue our partnership for coming projects as well.


A MOMENT'S PEACE (Artist - recorded in studio & mixed / mastered via mail): "The f****ng mixes are genious, absolutely genious!!!!! It sounds the way I heard it in my head before we started this thing. You're the best. Thanks!"

NASEEM (Artist - mixed / mastered via mail): "Working with Bruce Miller was not only a pleasure but also he has helped me tremendously in opening up my mind about creating a music in the higher level. It was a great opportunity for an aspiring artist like me to have a chance to see the true professionalism in this most complicated part of the art.

I think Bruce is the most passionate engineer I've ever came across...he would put his heart and energy in to make the song sounding right and brings out the elements (the personality of the song to the maximum level) where each songs deserves to be heard. I have gained so much by learning a lot from him about mixing and producing that he was truly a inspiration and it was a priceless experience to have him in my record making process.

The most difficult part that I always felt for the artist in the mixing process was to let the engineer know how you feel and imagine about the song to sound...this could be very a frustrating and nerve racking moment. But with Bruce it was so much easier and he would even give me suggestions where I was not quite sure about things to help me to the right path. It was truly a wonderful experience and thanks to his "Starving Artist" project, that made me so proud to have my songs mixed by the world class extraordinaire."

THE PAUL GARGIULO BAND (Artist - recorded live to 2 track, mastered via mail): "Bruce is an artistic and professional engineer who is also very efficient. He solves problems quickly and always keeps the artist's point of view as his primary focus. His extensive experience combined with his ability to connect with the feeling of the music makes working with him a positive experience. We would enjoy working with him again, and hope to do so in the future."

FROM A PRODUCER WHO REGRETS MIXING SOMEWHERE ELSE (name withheld): "........Go with your first gut instinct? That's what I wanted to do but was talked out of it. The last time we talked my group wanted to head in another direction, and that's what happened. We ended up going to New York to mix those songs. My fear of the whole thing was getting an engineer who was still wet behind the ears, and we did. Here are some highlights of the two-day session at (name withheld):

Their facility was impressive…they had an old analog 32 channel console, they had good analog compressors, as well as every plug-in imaginable for the pro tools set-up. The young guy we had was about 23, one year fresh out of NYU. He was very solid technically; he knew the pro tools as well as the other equipment like the back of his hand. But I think his ear was still missing or he really didn't care to mix rap music (who knows). It was kinda of hard getting him to understand what I was looking for…

So it seems to me, although the trip to New York and recording there was good for experience down the road, I'm not convince that I got what I was supposed to. The other guys seem to like it but I don't care for it, and I would really like to have you re-mix everything plus the other 5 songs we didn't even do.

We had 5 done in NY, it was a 20 hour block booked and I don't feel that we got the best. I tried to explain to the fellas, that it's not where you go, it's who does it. And though they were impressed by your track record, they really wanted to be there (as well as I) to hear the mix in person, but after this I'm willing to do it your way if your offer still stands. I tried to explain to them that from some of the rap artist you've worked with you would know how to tighten up loose ends, which I feel the young guy didn't know how to do. Mama Always Said, First Instinct Is Usually The Right One!"