FREE MIX / MASTERING SAMPLE (limited to up to 30 seconds) - I understand that it is hard to decide who is best to mix or master your project. I offer a FREE SAMPLE during which will I mix or master a small piece of your song to show what I can do. If you want me to finish, we need to discuss rate. Due to the time required for this I only do ONE sample project each month or so.

STARVING ARTIST $99 SPECIAL – I offer a ONE TIME, ONE SONG deal for Starving Artists (whom I love to mix for). For $99 I will spend up to 8 hours mixing your song in my studio during available time when I am not busy on other projects. If you are not sure if that is enough time, click this link to see what I can do in 10 minutes.

VARIABLE RATE BASED ON BUDGET / AMOUNT OF WORK - My rate varies based on many factors including your budget, how much work you need done, and the anticipated amount of time needed. I pride myself on being sensitive to artist needs and budgetary limitations.

FULL RATE – My full rate is required for any work in an outside studio (either recording or mixing), projects mixed in my studio that have ultimate priority and unlimited time, and other specific types of projects.


Most local studios cost $50 - $100 per hour with an engineer that may be less experienced than you need. Also, you can't hear the work on your home systems until after you leave the studio at the end of the session. Finally, if you need to make additional changes you must pay for more time. Simply put, I offer more work and better quality at a lower price.

Projects begin with the artist requesting a specific amount of work at a comfortable budget. Sending mixes during the process for approval ensures I continue to follow client preferences during the entire process. In some cases, alternate versions will be offered for consideration.


There are terms for all work performed, including guidelines for how projects are to be prepared for sending.

• All projects must be proposed using a MIX / MASTER REQUEST FORM, including Starving Artist work.

• Services performed at the agreed rate are ONLY Mixing and/or Mastering. Services at this rate do not include any recording or audio manipulation normally performed during overdubs, such as fixing pitch, moving parts, or changing an arrangement in any way. Such services can be negotiated and in some cases included.

• I will send as many mid-point mixes as possible, starting from when the song is starting to meet minimal standards of feel and appropriate sonic quality. I will perform all comments to the best of my ability considering the supplied material (For example, I cannot make a single string synth sound like a complete orchestra).

• Projects are prioritized and scheduled based on various factors including budget and deadline.

• All projects must be sent as a collection of individual WAV or AIF files that all begin at the same “zero” start time and run to the end of the song or sound on each track. Sounds are to be dry (no reverb or effects) unless a specific effect is an integral part of a unique sound. Do not send “project” files. Please do not send stereo bounces of mono sounds.

• No other audio files can be added or substituted once a mix has begun, since this will negate some of the work already performed. If you want to send new tracks we will need to discuss terms.

• Except for free samples, no work is performed or scheduled before payment is received and cleared. Only mixed files will be released, not the actual project settings.

• Any project involving client attendance must be booked in an outside studio. Due to the size no clients can attend mixes in my personal studio.